Hugo A. López (Hugo Andrés López)

I am an industrial researcher in Computer Science with experience in Formal Methods, Distributed Systems, and Business Process Management. I mainly specialise in process-oriented technologies, their theoretical formalisation (process calculi), their formal verification, their adoption via software tools (engineering), and their empirical validation. I do this using a cross-disciplinary and a cross-sectorial approach. In addition, I led the technology transfer of these academic efforts into tools at our industrial partner ( DCR Solutions), whose technology currently supports the Danish Central Government institutions. My research objectives involve the maturing of a new generation of process technologies that can adapt to citizen needs, while still be compliant with regulations and laws. Such technologies should have a digital component, in terms of software tools that support the digitalization of work processes. Finally, technologies should be understandable, even for people that do not have a computer science background.

Previously I have worked at the Formal Methods Section at DTU (Prof. Flemming and Hanne Riis Nielson), and at the University of Lisbon, (Prof. Vasco Vasconcelos). I did my Ph.D. at the IT University of Copenhagen, under direction of Thomas Hildebrandt.

Here you can at my publications.

I also dance and do some amateur photography.

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“Everything is vague to a degree you do not realize till you have tried to make it precise” - Bertrand Russell