Hugo A. López -- Publications


Drafts/Submitted Work

  1. BulletDeclarative Interpretations of Session-Based Concurrency (With M. Cano, J. Pérez, C. Rueda). Extended, revised version of the PPDP 2015 paper. [PDF].

  2. BulletA Theory of Available-by-Design Communicating Systems (With F. Nielson, H.R. Nielson). Extended, revised version of the FORTE 2016 paper. Draft  [ArXiv].

  3. BulletOn Reliability and Resilience of Power Systems Automation using Stochastic Timed Automata (With K. Heussen, H. Cai). Abstract (ongoing work, comments are welcome!) [PDF].

Peer Reviewed publications

  1. BulletChoreography-based Development of Reliable Distributed Control Systems in the Energy Sector (With K. Heussen).  SAC 2017. [DOI] [PDF]

  2. BulletEnforcing Availability in Failure-Aware Communicating Systems (With F. Nielson, H.R. Nielson). 
    In FORTE 2016. [DOI] - [PDF], a short version at PLACES 2016 is also available [PDF].

  3. BulletType-Based Verification of Message-Passing Parallel Programs. (With E. Marques, F. Martins, N. Ng, C. Santos, V. Vasconcelos and N. Yoshida).
    In OOPSLA 2015. [DOI] - [PDF] - Technical Report.

  4. BulletDeclarative Interpretations of Session-Based Concurrency (With M. Cano, J. Pérez, and C. Rueda).
    In PPDP 2015. [DOI] - [PDF].

  5. BulletIntegrating Time and Exceptional Behavior in Multiparty Structured Communications (With J. A. Pérez).
    In WS-FM 2011. [DOI] - [PDF]Extended Version.

  6. BulletTimed, Compensable Conversations (With J. A. Pérez).
    In PLACES 2011. [PDF].

  7. BulletModels for Trustworthy Service and Process Oriented Systems. 
    In ICLP-DC 2010. [PDF].

  8. BulletA Logic for Choreographies (With M. Carbone, D. Grohmann and T. Hildebrandt)
    In PLACES 2010, [PDF] - [DOI]

  9. BulletTypes for Secure Pattern Matching with Local Knowledge in Universal Concurrent Constraint Programming (With T. Hildebrandt).
    In ICLP 2009.   [PDF] - [DOI] - bib.

  10. BulletTowards a Unified Framework for Declarative Structured Communications (With C. Olarte, and J. A. Pérez).
    In PLACES 2009. [DOI] - bib.

  11. BulletGoal-Equivalent Secure Business Process Re-engineering (With  F. Massacci, and N. Zannone).
    In SEMSOC 2007. [DOI] - [PDF] - bib.

  12. BulletGoal-Equivalent Secure Business Process Re-engineering for E-Health (With F. Massacci, and N. Zannone).
    In MOTHIS 2007. [PDF] - bib.

  13. BulletFormally reasoning about security issues in P2P protocols: A case study (Wtih A. Aristizábal, F. D. Valencia, and C. Rueda).
    In TFIT 2006. [PDF] - slides - bib.

  14. BulletA declarative framework for security: Secure concurrent constraint programming (With J. A. Pérez, C. Palamidessi, C. Rueda, and F. D. Valencia).
    In ICLP 2006.  [DOI] - [PDF] - poster - bib.


  1. BulletProcess calculi to analyze emerging applications in concurrency. A. Arbeláez, A. Aristizábal, J. Gutiérrez, H. A. López, J. A. Pérez, C. Rueda, and F. D. Valencia. In Matemáticas: Enseñanza Universitaria. Departamento de Matemáticas, EAFIT University press, To appear.
    [PDF] - bib.


  1. Bullet Foundations of Communication-Centred Programming: Calculi, Logic & Types.
    Ph.D. Thesis. IT University of Copenhagen. 2012. More info. [PDF].

  2. BulletFormal Models for Trustworthy Process and Service Oriented Systems.
    MSc. Thesis. IT University of Copenhagen. January 2010. [PDF].

  3. BulletUsing Process Calculi to model and Verify Security Properties in Real Communication Protocols (With A. Aristizábal).
    Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Cali, 2006. [PDF] - short summary - bib.


  1. Bullet H. A. López, T. Hildebrandt.
    Concurrency Theory for Secure and Trustworthy Process-aware/Service Oriented Computing (Poster).
    FIRST Retreat. March 2008.

  2. BulletUsing a declarative process language for P2P protocols. With A. Aristizábal, and C. Rueda.
    The Association for Logic Programming Newsletter Digest, 18(4), November 2005. [PDF] - bib.